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Small size can be an advantage, when combined with technology.

The concept is to connect humans, with nature and the built, activated by smartphone technology. Through my garden intervention, the liftable modules are designed for providing the efficient arrangement with functional facilities. These are achieved by studying existing systems and habitation, in order to activate the phone booth- liked design through recent technology, supported by audiences’ smartphone. The lifted structure itself offers a unique chance to assign additional functions on the roof and to show its hidden programs. As a garden landscape with a pixelated layout, its physical presence can enhance the wellbeing of Sham Shui Po lives. In searching for opportunities for a better urban planning, this interactive garden provides the backbone of civic and commercial activities.




Site Perspective

Design Flow

The Stages of design and its mind flow.

Research Outcome

It is the fact that smartphone refined our lifestyle, social habits, and function of space, it floods every corner of the globe and the theories of the functional spaces in the perspective of architecture. It also represents the importance of space becoming meaningless as it has been replaced by vital programmes by smartphone. Nevertheless, it is an occurrence in the polychronic society for higher social context and connectivity, for reaching polychronic states and advanced evolution to higher level society. (Edward. T. H., 1990)

Besides, it could be stated that the typologies of space and the human environmental needs would be obsoleted because multi-functional experience and interaction needs can be fulfilled. At the same time, the theory of functionalism, spatial arrangement, master layout, even the importance of spatial context would have been overthrown since Modernism. (Osmond, H., 1957)


Site Selection

As the economic restructuring happened in Hong Kong after 80’s, area like Shamshuipo, is suffered the ageing problem and the urban decay. Besides, land use and environmental problems caused by island strip in the middle of Nam Cheong Street, is losing its spatial identity by weak leisure planning, this narrow islands of the road are unpopular and become the breeding ground of crimes and homeless. It separated the human flow towards Tai Kok Tsui, and the recent status of Nam Cheong Street is unsatisfactory to the residents nearby. Therefore, the development can stimulate the growth of the district and its momentum will spark off a chain reaction in the district.

Besides, the interest functions of street create typologies of the street atmosphere by industry classification, which have a similar concept with shopping malls. Ap Liu Steet for trading ‘tech stuff’, Fu Wing Street for Toys and accessories.

Site Anlysis

Plannings & Drawings

Programmes Planning Strategy
Roof Planting Strategy
Programmes & Schematic Drawings
Multivariate Forms



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